Bloggers Unite

Bloggers Unite

One thing that I’m proud of my country is the relatively free democracy. I say ‘relatively’ because there are certain rules that Indonesians, or Asians, will never adhere to compared to the western-style freedom of speech. The government still routinely monitors conversation on several platforms although never interferes unless it involves defacing the country and the president.

Bloggers in the country take full advantage of this situation. After decades of cautiously conducting meetings in order not to attract the law enforcers due to lack of ‘gathering permit’, people are now free to hold public rallies or informal gatherings on many topics. Realizing the need to have personal contacts with other blog fans to talk about greater issues, many bloggers across the archipelago decides to create blogger communities and take up citizen journalism to share local issues and raise cultural awareness.

Today, bloggers gather in many areas of interests: politics, social media events, monetizing, cultural appreciation, or simply for fun. The picture above was taken from a digital marketing strategy class where bloggers gathered on a Saturday afternoon and the party later on continued over karaoke. 😀

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