Indonesian Ocean

Spread your map and try to find Indonesian Ocean on it and you’re in for a fruitless quest.

Indonesian Ocean doesn’t exist, at least not today. During the first presidential era of Soekarno, however, Indonesian Ocean was a geopolitical concept to magnify the country’s position in Asia. In order to do that, he felt necessary to rename the Indian Ocean and used his own country’s pride. He argued that Indonesia lies at the equator and so the country is closer to the ocean than India. However governments changed and the concept turned into outdated propaganda that eventually faded over time.

My purpose for setting up this blog is not to reclaim that statement. It’s merely an effort to share stories about the Indonesian islands and seas from my point of view, as well as travel tales from the road. Besides, I think readopting that name is kinda’ cool. 😀

Here’s a peek of the sea from where I live:

Java Sea, overlooking Mandalika Island on a dark cloudy morning

So welcome to my blog!


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