A Lonely Girl and the Ocean

A Lonely Girl and the Ocean

Karas Islands, West Papua, Indonesia

After 2 hours of journey through the western coast of Papua, the speed boat finally slowed and prepared to anchor on Tarak Island, one of the three spots making up Karas Islands in West Papua province.

West Papua province has long history of Christian missionary and its capital city, Manokwari, is officially called ‘The Evangelical City’. Yet an hour-flight away from it is a whole different world. Fakfak was known as the point of contact between Muslim merchants and the locals. Therefore the population is an interesting mixture of native Papuans and immigrants from other places. Here the population is overwhelmingly Muslim with a distinctive character of Melanesian culture.

The residents of Tarak village were either tending the nutmeg trees in the jungle or out fishing so it was quiet. We were slowing down towards the jetty when my eyes caught a glimpse of something.

Tarak village
Tarak village
Who is it? A welcome party, perhaps?!
Who is it? A welcome party, perhaps?!
Well, hello Princess :)
Well, hello Princess 🙂

She looked focused on the tools she was using to catch the fish around the pier and totally disregarded our arrival.

Did you catch anything, sweetheart? No?! Oh sorry to hear that. Better luck tomorrow, yeah. 😀



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