2014: The Kickoff Gathering

After spending some quality time with family and close friends during Christmas and New Year holidays, it was time to go back to work. However there was still a little time for a small gathering on Saturday afternoon.

Suropati Park, one of the parks in an affluent area in Jakarta was crowded with people jogging, strolling, or just sitting around the open areas. Blogfam (Blogger Family) Community was no exception; occupying a corner next to lush trees and some artistic statues, around fourteen bloggers gathered for a smartphone photography crash course. Here are some captures:

Getting ready for Photography 101
Lesson 1: capturing a rather big model. The trick is for the model to pose slightly on her side and the picture should be taken from a certain angle above or below the face. That should give somewhat ‘tall’ effect on the model
Lesson 2: Food photography. Not only close ups, but composition also poses a good factor.
Lesson 3: capturing the model while sunset light is directly behind her

The crash course lasted for about an hour and everything stopped when dusk descended and we rushed to a nearby restaurant. But the fun part of it was about to start: the heart of each gathering is always warm conversation around the dinner table. I felt it was a good kickoff for a fruitful year of blogging because I knew there were others who shared the same passion as I did.

Hope you guys have a good beginning of your own. ^^


This post is an answer to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning


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