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The Joy of Ice Breaking

During my last visit to Genting Highlands in Malaysia, I was set to travel with a group of bloggers unknown before except one girl that I had met. I’m naturally shy and nervous when it comes to meeting new people and the thought of suddenly having to share common space with them for the next 3 days was enough to make me stay awake the night before departure.

So I smiled politely and shook hands with them at the airport the next morning, quietly listened to whatever topic they came up in the conversations. But it turned out those bloggers were genuinely nice persons with sincere intention of getting to know each other and to learn many insights about blogging and everything else. Encouraged by such positive ambiance, I quickly opened up and engaged in more talks.

Here was a picture taken just 24 hours later:

Ice breaking wasn’t so bad, after all. 😀


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Lucky Escape

This post may be one day behind, but I guess it’s never too late to share.

I was so happy when I got accepted at the University of Indonesia, well-known for its excellence in academics (feel free to disagree with me) 😀 but also notoriously known as having rigorous exams and ‘difficult’ lecturers that rarely rewarded us with good grades. Therefore it was not odd to see students faithfully guarding their favorite spots in the libraries over the weekend. I was no exception.

Having had a little sleep the night before, I dragged my feet on a Saturday morning to campus and thought about nothing else because an important exam was due at 9.00 AM. With lots of things in my mind, I became less attentive to the situation around me and without thinking much, I stepped on a wide street to cross it. Mind you, Saturday morning in my suburban town wasn’t exactly the best time to relax. It was the time for people to commute to the city for family matters or any sort of entertainment they could find. So with totally disregarding the busy traffic, I walked across the street until BAMM, a car hit me from the side as I was still standing right in the middle of the street waiting for the traffic from the opposite direction to clear.

I remembered being slammed hard and my body fell and rolled to the left side a few times before resting on the ground. I suddenly became alert of the situation and knew that the next car might roll over me with no alarm beforehand. I didn’t know where I got the strength, but I managed to get up quickly and stood there like a dumb. What I saw next was overwhelming.

The traffic eventually stopped because of the accident but thankfully it had been busy that morning so the road was packed and everybody was moving slowly. I saw the driver that hit me came out of his car. He turned out to be a nice looking gentleman with such worrying face when he looked at me. He uttered a few words that I forgot (I think he offered to take me to the hospital) but, still visibly shaken, I politely refused and went straight to the other side because I was totally embarrassed after being watched by everybody.

You can call me stupid for thinking short or anything, but after quickly checking for injuries and found nothing, my mind went back to the exam and I just walked to campus as if nothing happened. I was lucky to have escaped horrifying disaster that morning but my casual response to it wasn’t really a good example to follow. 😦

But I think I could also blame the traffic, the campus, the local government, or might as well the president for not taking care of the traffic situation. That particular spot was left unimproved for over 20 years without clear markings that it was a zebra cross and only recently they began to set up road bumps to reduce the speed of the traffickers and a pedestrian cross is finally under construction, or so I read.

Here’s a picture of the traffic and tell me what you think:

source: depok.go.id
source: depok.go.id