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The Joy of Ice Breaking

During my last visit to Genting Highlands in Malaysia, I was set to travel with a group of bloggers unknown before except one girl that I had met. I’m naturally shy and nervous when it comes to meeting new people and the thought of suddenly having to share common space with them for the next 3 days was enough to make me stay awake the night before departure.

So I smiled politely and shook hands with them at the airport the next morning, quietly listened to whatever topic they came up in the conversations. But it turned out those bloggers were genuinely nice persons with sincere intention of getting to know each other and to learn many insights about blogging and everything else. Encouraged by such positive ambiance, I quickly opened up and engaged in more talks.

Here was a picture taken just 24 hours later:

Ice breaking wasn’t so bad, after all. 😀


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Study Mall

Of the oddest places to gather your students, the mall must be on top of the list. Or is it not?


Photo taken in a book fair, these students were absorbed in fairy tales the teacher was telling. Her voice was calming when describing the sea breeze and roaring when thunder struck in the storm. You could easily forget that your class was, in fact, sitting on stage in a busy mall in downtown Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.